§ 1 Name:

The name of the association is Frieser Avl DK

The home of the association is at the chairman of the board


§ 2 Purpose:

The purpose of the association is to maintain and improve the conditions for the Danish breeders of Friesian horses - by

Improve the information level

Improve marketing of the Danish bred horses

Reduce the general cost.

Improve the collaboration and share knowledge regarding breeding, keuring, training etc.

Increase the quality and improve the possibilities for breeding with Friesians

Help each other to keep focus on the horses.

Be a support/supplement to DFF in questions regarding breeding.


§ 3 Who are we

We are a group of breeders of Friesian horses, who has joined to form an association, where we will increase the collaboration of the breeders in DK. The association is a pure breeders association, which means that in the members one can only find breeders of Friesian horses.

It is important for us that it is the horses that are in the centre and focus is on the horses and not the people behind.

The association is defined by clearly to reject/disregard breeding with B-book stock and the use of Friesian horses for other than pure Friesian bred horses.

Deliberate sale of horses for use in pirate breeding is not accepted.


We are am association of breeders of Friesian horses who have confidence and trust in each other and who will recommend each other in cases of sale and guidance regarding purchase and breeding of Friesians.


Members of this association will only breed with breeding approved stallions and mares, that is registered in the main stud book of KFPS.


§ 4 Ethical rules and values

We speak nicely about and with each other

We do not keep important information regarding the horse for our selves – if the information  is relevant for others

We are hones and trustworthy.

We treat others like we want to be treated.

We are committed to the Friesian horse.

We believe that a constructive and open dialog is the foundation of a good collaboration.


§ 5 Membership

Membership can be obtained by:

–       Fulfilment of §3 and §4

–       Document membership of KFPS

–       The household owns at least one KFPS main stud book mare.

–       To state mares with name and registration no., inseminations and foals.

Membership will be published on the web page of the association automatically without pre-approval.

A member can choose to remain anonymous.



If a member of the association does not apply to the purpose or the ethical rules and values – it is possible to exclude the member with immediate effect.

The decision is made by the board.


§ 6 Members fee.

Fee is determined for following year on the AKG

Fee period is from 1/1 to 31/12.

Fee is given by person with the right to vote


§ 7 Exit of the association

Exit of the association will happend automaticly if the fee is not paid latest one month after the annual general meeting.


§ 8 Annual general meeting

The annual general meeting is the highest authority of the association

The original annual general meeting that is held ones a year in January or February is called in at least 4 weeks prior to the date of the meeting. The invitation happens by electronic mail and on various media including the agenda.

Points and suggestions for the agenda of the Annual general meeting must be in the hands of the board 14 days prior to the annual general meeting – suggestion will be posted on the web page latest 10 days before.

Only members with at least 3 months membership can vote

Only people present at the annual general meeting can vote.


§ 9  Agenda

Agenda for the ordinary originary annual general

meeting must contain the following points

Election of meeting leader

Election of vote counters

Statement of the previous year.

Presentation of the profit and loss account and status for the previous year

Debate of the suggestions received.

Approval of membership fees

Election of board members , 3 person on straight years/2 persons on odd years, that after the meeting will constitutive themselves       

Election of 1 substitute board member

Election of 1 controller and a controller substitute



§ 10

The annual general meeting elects a meeting leader, who shall not be a member of the board.

Any decision of the annual general meeting is made by majority of votes according to the limitations the rules.

The leader decides the way if voting – however if just one member request anonymous vote this should be honoured. 


The decisions of the AKG will be listed in a protocol, where in also the minutes of the negotiations can be included in the level that is decided by the leader.

The protocol must be signed by the meeting leader

If the AKG has made a decision on a matter – the matter can not be re-entered in the AKG for


§ 11

The daily management of the association is managed by the board, which represents the association in any matter. The board consists of a chairman, a vice chairman, a cashier, a secretary and a member.

In equal years 2 members of the board is up for election – in unequal years 3 members of the board is up for election.

Minutes are taken at the board meeting and will be published at the association web site.


§ 12

The account year of the association runs from 1. of January to 31. of December.

Profit and loss account and status of the year will be presented at the ordinary annual general meeting for approval.


§ 13

Regulation changes are implemented immediately after agreement at the annual general meeting.


§ 14

The association can only be annulled on an extra ordinary annual general meeting.

By annulment any given fortune in the association is transferred to hestens værn (hestens værn is a separate organisation that protects horses that have been mistreated)


The association is only liable for its obligations equal to the fortune in the association at any given time.

There do not rest any personal liability on any member of the association or it board members.



Approval of the above regulations is agreed on the generating general meeting held March 5th 2011.

Changed the February 2th. 2013 at the general meeting. 

Feb. 2013 vers 3.

Changed the February 5th. 2023 at the general meeting.